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Christmas Favorites

1.  My favorite Christmas song is this one by CG5 which is a mix of 30 Christmas songs. 2. Gingerbread man cookies are my favorite because we get to make ourselves from scratch. 3 My favorite Christmas movie is home… Continue Reading →

Friday Funnies

   Friday Funnies TNTL Speedy Fox Kachow This one is funnny Sucks to be that guy oK there is no way you won’t laugh at this. Also props if you watch the entire thing If the other one didn’t make… Continue Reading →

My Dream Bedroom

Im going to describe my dream bedroom. Here’s what I would get if I could have anything in my bedroom. First I would want a trampoline park in the closet. I don’t really know why, it just popped into my… Continue Reading →

Personality quizzes

Okay so the personality quizzes I took were “What Ice cream flavor are you?” and for this one I got Mint chocolate chip, which is actually my favorite ice-cream Flavor so I’d say that one is pretty  accurate. And the… Continue Reading →

Guess Who!

Here is my guess who. It’s literally impossible to guess. If you guess it right then leave a comment!

Pros and cons about Middle school

So obviously, the worst part is getting up so early. It literally sucks like a straw. High school kids get up later than us. kindergarteners do too. Maybe this encourages us to go to bed early so we can get… Continue Reading →

Free Write

This is like my third free write and I have like nothing left to write about. I’ll just have to use my emergency thinker. Is cereal a soup? It’s not warm but warm cereal is gross. A country’s national anthem… Continue Reading →

Finest Fictional Cartoon Characters

If looking good was a crime, you’d be under arrest. Gumball Jake the dog Shaggy and scooby sumo Patrick Star Rigby Mordecai Muscle man         Angry Tubby Farquaad Edna

20 by 20

This is a list of 20 things I want to do before I turn 20. Number one on the list is obviously to go skydiving. My friend and I are going to have to do it before 18 cause we go on… Continue Reading →

How to make the perfect sandwich. (This is not clickbait, I promise)

  That’s right you read the title of this post. This is the guide on how to make the perfect sandwich. This is it fam. Now, I’m sure you’ve made a sandwich of some sort before. (Not to brag, but… Continue Reading →

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